Serious times require significant cleaning and revolutionary techniques in applying disinfectants. Ciocca Cleaning & Restoration has invested in machinery that uses binary ionization technology to kill bacteria and inactivate viruses that may exist in the air or on surfaces.

Rooms and facilities are safe to enter within minutes of using a ionized Hydrogen Peroxide (iHP) mist.  

the iHP process

When flu season and viruses such as the coronavirus / COVID-19  spike, they simply cannot be fully combated with traditional cleaning methods. The process not only kills all known bacteria spores but also inactivates all known viruses on surface by a “six log” or 99.9999% reduction, the highest standard.

Please read this white paper to learn more about how this technology aided in a coronavirus / COVID-19 decontamination.

Disinfect against the corona virus

We are ready to help you clean and apply disinfectant to your medical and commercial facilities with the best equipment, latest technologies, and well trained staff. Call the office at 260.483.2112.

Steramist Application in process